C. S. Challinor

Murder at Midnight

Booklist Review:

On a stormy New Year’s Eve, Rex Graves, an Edinburgh barrister, and his fiancée, Helen d’Arcy, are hosting a Hogmanay gathering at his Highlands retreat, hopeful that this party will be uneventful, unlike the housewarming last summer that ended with murder.
All seems to be well, with the Frasers explaining the legal maneuverings undertaken to reclaim their family history and cement their right to Gleneagle Castle, the estate next door, and their certainty that Jacobite treasure will be found in the ruins of the Keep. Then, with a stormy crash, the lights go out. As the party regroups, they discover that the Frasers are dead. While they await the arrival of the police—and the electric company—Rex leads the discussion about howthe deaths might have occurred. Once Chief Inspector Dalgerry arrives, the investigation begins in earnest.
The sixth in the series, this is a classic country-house mystery, with modern day twists and turns adding to the fun.

Rex Graves #8
It’s a dark day for Scottish barrister Rex Graves when he learns that Lord Gordon Murgatroyd, AKA Judge Murder, has died—supposedly of natural causes. His daughter Phoebe thinks otherwise and enlists Rex's help. With a target on his back and a child abduction case gripping the region, Rex fears that the judge’s death won’t be an isolated incident.
Rex Graves #7
When a spate of murders takes place in a quiet riverfront community in south-central England, Rex Graves is called upon to lend his investigatory expertise. For the first time in his sleuthing career, Rex finds he has good reason to fear for his life.
Rex Graves #6
Ringing in the New Year turns deadly at Rex's Hogmanay celebration in the Scottish Highlands. As the clock strikes midnight and the power goes out, the inheritors of Gleneagle Castle are found dead. Rex must use his skills of intellect and detection to catch the culprit in this traditional locked-room mystery.
Rex Graves #5
Poison is served up with the wedding cake and champagne at Newcombe Court in the English countryside, where Rex Graves has been invited as Helen's reluctant guest.
Rex Graves #4
Rex Graves holds a housewarming party at his newly converted hunting lodge in the Scottish Highlands and discovers there's a serial killer on the loose.
Rex Graves #3
Rex Graves investigates an apparent suicide at his son's college in Florida and opens up a can of worms.
Rex Graves #2
Scottish barrister-sleuth Rex Graves unwittingly travels to an exclusive nudist resort in the French West Indies to solve the mystery of a missing actress.
Rex Graves #1
Not even a blizzard on the Sussex coast can keep Rex Graves away from Swanmere Manor, but instead of Christmas cheer, the Scottish barrister finds a dead guest.