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Judgment of Murder

Publishers Weekly Review:

In Challinor’s intriguing 10th mystery featuring Rex Graves of Scotland’s supreme criminal court (after 2015’s Murder Comes Calling), Rex learns of the passing of his old mentor, former judge Lord Murgatroyd (aka Judge Murder), and phones Murgatroyd’s widowed daughter and only heir, Phoebe Wells, to extend his condolences. When Phoebe tells Rex that she suspects her father died of unnatural causes, Rex travels to Canterbury, England, to learn more from Phoebe. He compiles a list of criminals who came before Lord Murgatroyd, including Richard Pruitt, who got off after being accused of murdering a young school girl. Adding more suspicion is news of a young girl’s disappearance. Pruitt vows his innocence and offers proof about the person he says is the real killer. Is there a link between these crimes and the old judge’s possible murder? On the personal side, Rex manages a little romancing with his fiancée, Helen d’Arcy, while resisting Phoebe’s flirtations. Readers will eagerly await Rex’s further adventures. (Nov.)